State seeks to evict museum

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  • State seeks to evict museum

    Barbers Point Air Museum: State Seeks Contractor to Destroy Historic Airplanes

    CITING LACK OF INSURANCE and environmental violations, a letter arrived on September 17th telling the museum that the lease was being cancelled, and they are to be evicted. Even with a meeting at the Dept. of Transportation on November 12th, the order stood for the museum to get out.

    Furthermore, according to reports and Brad, the Airports Division added that if the planes were not taken off the lot, that they would move ahead to dispose of them. Just in the last couple of days, the State Procurement Office started sending out documents to effectuate that.

    From Brad’s point of view, the violations that the Airports Division cited the museum over were either remedied, or addressed when they first came up. In the case of the museum’s insurance, the Airports Division claimed they didn’t file the insurance with the Division. However, from Brad, he shows me that his partners transmitted the documents even before the eviction notice was sent.

    “They said they misplaced the documents”, Brad told me.

    ONE THING IS FOR SURE from Brad’s take is that something is afoot, and that the Airports Division is not saying exactly what it has in mind.
    The very end implies that the "something" might be related to the Honda jet.

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    State governmental corruption and cronyism? Say it isn’t so! As a casual observer of politics in that state, I’m not surprised.


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      I'm not surprised either. The question is what they have planned.