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    Originally posted by Scott Dyer HPN/NY View Post
    Never a dull moment, Terry!

    At least the engine is back for our CAP plane.


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      Originally posted by Ray Tackett View Post
      Get a HUD for the 830, then orient the windshield as desired. Only nuisance would be adding inverted oil and fuel systems, but could be fun.
      I wouldn't mind a HUD for PFD info. Not for engine info.


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        OK, plane is done. Reading the manual on the 830 to configure it.

        To fit the 830, we swapped the CDI and the StormScope and have the 830 overhanging the CDI. You can still set the reciprocal on the bottom and see the needle and sort of see the to/from flag.

        Click image for larger version

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          First step done. Upgraded the JPI 700 to an 830 and installed the MicroKit Landing Height System. This thing is awesome. It uses laser to call out altitudes. 200, 100, 70, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 Makes landing a Mooney easy. The latest model also checks for your gear switch being down and starts giving you Check Gear calls at 200 feet if the gear switch is Up. This is the main reason I installed it.

          Second step also done. Upgraded my GTN-650 to a Xi. I did it mainly for the longer term support and upgrades. Comments here helped the decision.

          Had a GREAT experience with Sarasota Avionics, Sarasota locations. Great people, wonderful service. The way a shop should be run. Not only did they do the swap in about half the time quoted, they also dealt with Garmin to switch my data subscription to the new box.

          I also got a Flight Stream 510. SWEET. Now I can call clearance with just the radios on, shut them down, put the cleared routing into my iPad and then once I have the plane running, shoot it into the GTN. And in flight, if I get rerouted or even a Direct, I put it into the GTN and it updates the iPad with ForeFlight automatically.

          BTW, I have put 36 hours on my plane since picking it up August 13.


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            Nice, Terry! Happy flying!


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              Looks great! And as I mentioned in the other thread, a very pretty plane and nice panel (getting nicer!)


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                Thanks. Having put 5 flights on the new 830, I am liking it.

                Thanks for the complements.