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  • Additional Pilot Certificate

    If you would like to add another certificate to your collection, you can now get a Remote Pilot certificate. It is required for operation of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS, aka drones) under Part 107 (anything other than for recreation).

    As a holder of a regular pilot certificate, you only have to take a online course and test. Once you pass, you generate a form for the new certificate. The only "hard" part, is that you need a CFI to confirm your ID and then "sign" your application. In a short time, you will get an email of your Temporary Certificate and a hard card will show up some time in the future.

    You will find training that costs, but for Part 61 Certificate Holders, there is the online FAA course for free.

    BTW, you can also do online training and a test to get your recreation drone approval also.
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    I might be able to assist if anyone needs the application signed.....