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  • Has Boeing Lost a Step

    Problems with the B777X certification.
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    For some reason, I'm reminded of this comic strip. I have to wonder if it applies here: Click image for larger version

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      The question is, is Boeing not doing such a great job, or is the FAA being super picky after being looked at for certifying the other two?

      Personally, I think the MAX issue was poor crew training and pilot error (the nose trims down 23 times and you don't even look at the checklist?????).

      And the battery issues could be on of those things that doesn't show up until the platform is operational.


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        I understand there were flight control software issues, too. FAA has good reason to demand rigorous testing in that area. I am still appalled that the programming is outsourced.
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          Deming says that quality starts in the boardroom. From past conversations here, I get the sense that the leadership culture has changed since the glory days.