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    The FAA appears to not be able to do a lot in some situations.

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    In this instance the FAA did not have the ability to prosecute Trevor, the agency can only revoke and suspend certificates as well as issue fines.
    This is almost true. If they decide the case is egregious enough, they can refer the case to DOJ for criminal prosecution. Of course, they have to find an appropriate statute, but given the body of law and precedent we have accrued since 1789 or 1215 for that matter, I'd wager something could be found.


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      That link isn't working for me.


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        After being defrauded on engine overhauls on my Aztec in the mid 1990s and getting the FAA involved (the engines came back without ignition harness or mags but with logbooks claiming that they had been overhauled and run - plus the cylinders and pistons were in worse shape than the ones they had when I sent them out), I found out that the FAA has a criminal section. I met with representatives of the section and provided parts from the overhauled engines. The owner of the company, who had faked logbook signatures did a year in the federal slam. My aircraft partner and I received about $600 in restitution from the mope.


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          Interesting - the link works for me now.

          I thought there was a law on the books that said you couldn't profit from a criminal act. I'd suggest looking into striping these idiots of all money they earned from their stunts.

          If there isn't a law that covers this, we need to look into one.