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    There's a chip shortage in the news that might be affecting this. It may not be hoarders but supply issues.


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      Bicycles and kevlar canoes are also in shortage. Chips again!


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        Chips are the reason my bike goes so slow. I've been eating too many of them.


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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	21423FINALLY the Thrustmaster A-10 HOTAS showed up for MSRP, rather than super inflated prices. So I picked up a set.

          This thing is pretty impressive. Quite heavy. According the outer box, about 22 pounds. Mostly metal.

          The lower costs Thrustmaster rudder pedals are out of stock. And the more expensive set are around $600. So I ordered The LogicTech/Saitek pedals. According to online sources, they are better than the lower end Thrustmaster pedals. The pedals should be here today.
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            I'm using the Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals without any issues.

            I'm looking forward to your opinion on FS2020. I'm not going to convert from P3dv5.2, just not worth it to me.
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              I got this setup to fly DCS (Digital Combat Simulator).

              I have been playing around with the A-10A. But it is what they call a Low Fidelity model. Not everything works. The A-10C is a High Fidelity model, so every switch works. But a very steep learning curve from the A model. They even have 3 or 4 training packages for the C.

              I may pick up FS202 at some point. It looks like I might be getting back into flying, so having a good sim would be nice. But I would want yoke and civilian throttles for it. The rudder pedals can be used for both.