Kaspersky Ban: Is Kaspersky Spyware

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  • Kaspersky Ban: Is Kaspersky Spyware

    The Commerce Dept has banned the sale of Kaspersky products in the U.S.

    Kaspersky has been banned in the United States and all users are required to switch to a different antivirus or security vendor by Sept, is Kaspersky spyware...
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    Kaspersky claims to be clean and independent of the government, but there's no way to verify. Also, GRU could be messing with the product in a way Kaspersky honestly does not know about. IMO it's a lack of trust which may or may not have a basis in reality. In seriously secure environments, a zero trust policy is important.

    Signature-based virus scanning software misses a lot of newer hacking technology. You learn more by monitoring network traffic and activity logs.
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      Originally posted by Ray Tackett View Post
      IMO it's a lack of trust
      Exactly, it's not about what it is currently, but what could happen given the company's structure and how deeply imbedded the product is.