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  • NASA's Lunar Surface Journal

    I've been spending some time browsing through NASA's collection of lunar surface information which includes the Apollo landings.

    If for no other reason than the high resolution Apollo photographs in the collection, this site deserves bookmarking and browsing.

    - TT
    Tom Tyson-A&P

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    Reminds me of a comment on the first (unmanned) lunar lander. There was concern about the depth and softness of the dust and whether landers would simply sink and disappear. To check that concern, the lander behaved like any other tourist. On arrival, it whipped out a very expensive camera and took a picture of its own foot.
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      It's amazing the amount of material on the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions that is available online. I've enjoyed the lunar surface journal in the past, perusing checklists, mission report transcripts, etc.


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        Originally posted by Scott Dyer HPN/NY View Post
        I've enjoyed the lunar surface journal in the past
        Hi Scott,
        Me too. A real treasure.
        Tell ya what . . . those guys put themselves out on the end of a very long limb. An incredible number of things had to go right in order to get back home alive.

        Will still be hazardous today but technology and lessons learned will reduce the risk.

        Tom Charlton
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