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    I watched some of the launch on Thursday. Seems to be going well in their progress. All 33 Raptors lit. Staging went well.

    It seems they accomplished most of what they set out to do. The booster did suffer an RUD, and it seemed that did not get good ignition on all the planned engines for the touchdown.

    - SpaceX - Launches
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    Yep. They make progress the Thomas Edison way. Edison did not invent the incandescent light bulb. It had been a delicate labaratory curiosity for a while. Edison's goal was to make light bulbs practical to mass-produce and ship to untrained consumers for use. During his search for an appropriate filament material, a reporter asked whether Edison had made any progress. "We've made lots of progress. We know several hundred thing which don't work."

    Early Falcon launches and recoveries went about as well as Super Heavy at first. The track record now is unmatched.
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