Flight Training accidents in WWII

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    Originally posted by Randy Sohn View Post
    And Roger Baker hadn't yet figured out how to mutter "Nope, see'ya".
    Ha, ha, ha. Perhaps Lt Sohn hadn’t figured that out either<g>. Must’a had some big brass ones!
    Was pretty much everything working? Did anything break on that first leg of the flight? Did you need to cage any of those Cyclones?

    Front exhaust! What the hell was Wright think’n?

    Tom Charlton

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      Originally posted by Tom Charlton View Post
      Was pretty much everything working?
      Yeah, best I know, everything was - at least on origination <g>. Ya'know tho, IIRC, something did quit somewhere's around El Paso or Columbus but can't rcall now just what it was. I did write an article once about that trip but I forget now where is is/was. Can recall getting a Bayside portable radio that we'd had along to work with a jumper cable from some electrical outlet on the F/E's panel and talking to some airliner overhead and he replied "You're a WHAT?" to us. I also do remember now why they'd thrown us in jail when we arrived tho, Lefty'd had s previous encounter involving fisticuffs out in California about some P-51 parts or something with some guy named "Vartanian" out there and there was still a warrant for arrest!

      best, randy