Mooney Sold Again?

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  • Mooney Sold Again?

    Apparently for the umpteenth time. If there is a sure two-step process to make a small fortune in aviation, it is to start with a large fortune and then buy Mooney Aircraft.

    I get that they're neat planes. I had a ride cross-country in one, almost 20 years ago, and I can see why people fall in love with them. But you have to wonder how many people are going to dash their fortunes on the rocks because they heard the sirens singing the song of Mooney Aircraft.

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    Kinda like the Ercoupe. It bankrupted its way through about eight manufacturers, even including the City of Carlsbad NM, and was finally euthanized by -- guess whom -- Mooney.


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      This looks like a "self help" deal by a group of owners.... keep the spare parts moving for current owners..... ...although they have big talk about new things...<g>

      - Reams-