AAL Peru Pax Debacle

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  • AAL Peru Pax Debacle

    The airline could have done better. Sometimes it's about stepping up to the plate and doing what's right. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-ame...ff-11569403806

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    That's quite the event. We were pretty upset this summer when my Niece and family had two flights cancelled and another delayed. She missed getting to Cancun one night and lost the cost two rooms there. Then, they cancelled her trip home which lead to her getting rebooked on a return flight that was cancelled due to weather. They did pay for her to stay in a hotel one night.and offered some FF miles. Wouldn't help on the rooms lost in Cancun. In Dallas, they shipped her luggage to Madison when she was stuck in Dallas. Seven months pregnant with three other kids. I wasn't impressed and if was in her position would have turned it over to someone to get them real. She just had too much going on in her life to deal with all the hoops they required. And oh, after working out something on the flights, the extra luggage charges for flights that were cancelled would have to be taken up with a different department.


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      Can't read it due to subscription requirements.


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        EU has much better passenger protection for delayed or cancelled flights.


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          Originally posted by Terry Carraway View Post
          Can't read it due to subscription requirements.
          Terry - Maybe this?



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            I can see why AA made the decisions that it did, and how things snowballed.

            At least they got hotels for the pax.

            I would like to have seen them go more into the rights when stranded, and what the regulations/laws are that cover that. Last time I checked, for US pax, the airline does not HAVE to do much at all.

            EU is pretty draconian if even delayed.


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              Agree, they didn't go into much about what happens domestically. The Montreal agreement may have applied here. AA wasn't very responsive to us at all until that was mentioned.


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                Yes, they seem to need to be reminded.

                I had a maintenance delay cost me 24 hours due missing the once a day connecting flight. They gave me a hotel voucher, but were not going to give anything for meals, until I specifically asked. And then a single $15 meal voucher. When I checked, what I could find for domestic, the requirements are minimal.

                I probably could have pushed my situation, as the total trip was international. I was delayed on a domestic leg.