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  • Don't forget to tip!

    That’s a First: I Was Asked for a Tip From a Flight Attendant

    "I ordered a can of ginger ale when the flight attendants passed through selling snacks and drinks. After swiping my card, I was surprised to be handed the flight attendant’s tablet. There on the screen, I was prompted:"

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    And after the flight when the pilot stands by the cockpit door and thanks everyone for flying Frontier, does he have his tablet handy?


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      At first I thought this was simply the use of a point of sale system that had it in the package. But it seems like they are trying to start an onboard tipping culture.

      Sorry Frontier, the fact that you have decided to charge for what was commonly free, does not make me want to tip your employees.


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        This reminds me of a video I once saw showing the FAs going down the aisle hawking oxygen masks for sale after a decompression...


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          I have tipped an FA when they did something really exceptional, but not the norm. I hate all these bills being presented with a place to tip for things like a buffet, getting ice cream, etc. Makes one feel guilty if they don't tip when it's not the norm. Dave and Busters had that when purchasing credits for a card to use there. Tip, to get money on their card to play LOL.