The Last Prowler Deactivated

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  • The Last Prowler Deactivated

    The USMC has deactivated the last Prowler squadron.

    Grace and Peace,
    I Earned my Spurs in Vietnam
    48th AHC 1971-72

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    Of the many jaw dropping dumbass decisions by HQMC relating to Marine Aviation, this one is one of the most egregious. The decision to go All In on the F-35B at the expense of almost all other programs, will be costly in terms of capabilities that will affect Joint and Coalition operations in the future. I maintain contacts with active duty MC aviation and the effects of the drainage of money and resources to support the F-35B program are on multiple levels and uniformly negative. They’ve eaten up almost all of their seed corn.

    The Marines were some of the earliest pioneers in the West in the use of active jamming as a SEAD tool. They have thrown out an entire community. Don’t even get me started, it’s too early to start drinking this morning.