FAA approves drone deliveries

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  • FAA approves drone deliveries

    "Alphabet-owned Wing has become the first drone delivery company to receive air carrier certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration. The certification effectively gives Wing the green light to begin commercial deliveries in the US.

    Wing plans to begin a commercial delivery pilot program in Virginia later this year,..."

    "To win FAA air carrier certification, the company submitted evidence demonstrating the safety of its systems, including data showing that a delivery by Wing carries a lower risk to pedestrians than the same trip made by car."

    ZDNet: Alphabet's Wing gets FAA approval to begin US commercial drone deliveries

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      “a healthy meal delivered, hot and fresh, in just a few minutes"

      In other words, Pizza Hut...;-)


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        Now if you shoot down a Pizza will it be under the Air Piracy Act...? Air Carrier Certificate... really... sheesh (It just takes money)


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          Originally posted by Jeff Hartmann View Post
          Air Carrier Certificate... really... sheesh (It just takes money)
          Alphabet (aka Google) has money. And in terms of bureaucracy, it's probably easier to find a way to fit yourself into the existing framework than to wait for a new section to be written.