Amazon and Google Drones Want to Operate with Private ATC

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  • Amazon and Google Drones Want to Operate with Private ATC

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    Hi Mike,

    Hmm . . . wonder’n if’n any of dem “drones” would happen to get routed over Lt. Sohn’s house. Randy might need to whip out his 12 barrel double gage<g>.

    Tom Charlton

    "The aeroplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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      Originally posted by Tom Charlton View Post
      12 barrel double gage
      Toe-mas, can't tell'ya how happy you made me by getting that reversal correct! Most read right over it and don't see it. The expression came from one of our line guys who'd had one of our Convair 580s extend its landing gear at the 250 knot+ cruise speed instead of the normal 174 knot limitation. Told me that that's what it sounded like to him, a "twelve barrel double gauge".

      Chuckle, never a dull moment in the Flight Training Dept. And anyhow, yup, you got it, about that solution to the drone problem.

      best, randy


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        Oh, wonderful! Pizza delivery by DRONE..... Chinese food by Drone.... Thai by DRONE....
        Noise everywhere... buzzing in your ears....

        In the Seattle area, we are bound to have a lot of goose/drone collisions... ..and other birds, on occasion... Not to mention the eagles and hawks might be inclined to take them out.... with potentially disastrous results for both...

        This is gonna be messy...



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          Well, now you can have your stuff shot at instead of it being stolen off your front porch.


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            More on this.


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              Not to intrude.


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                Just wait until the hawks start figuring out how to get free pizza...