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  • Drone Warfare

    This is an interesting article about whether or not militarizes are setting themselves up for failure by not adopting (or at least heavily researching) drone senor and weapons delivery.

    If you can make enough small ones at a low enough cost, even an attack with a very high mortality rate for the drones could be crippling.

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    "Western forces should not assume they will have the technological edge when deploying to a conflict zone. The higher standards for target discrimination will inhibit their fielding of autonomous lethal but cheap drones. In this field, they should expect to the non-state or less ethical state to be the first to field such systems."

    Something I think should be considered about the "less ethical" is the use of lasers for blinding. Right now there are hobbyists who pull lasers out of DVD players and can zap black balloons. Mount something like that on a drone with targeting software....


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      Did anyone notice there was a recent drone attack of Russian positions in Syria? The article said they did little damage and most were shot down. Wonder what actually happened and who was behind it. Of course, the Russians pointed the finger at the US and we denied any knowledge.


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        When I read this the first thing I thought was "I wonder if Amazon was the supplier?"

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