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  • The New MS Flight Simulator

    The new MS Flight Simulator is scheduled for release.

    I'm going to wait and see. I like LM's latest P3dv5.
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    Be interesting to see how much GPU power it needs.

    My desktop is down right now...we had a power outage the other night and its PSU never recovered. The outage began with the sound of a transformer explosion, so I guess we got a spike. New PSU should arrive today.


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      Well, it's out and the word on the street is "Take your money and run." Here's a snapshot of just one complaint, from Slashdot:

      " For example, if you buy it on Steam, it pulls down a 500MB (I think) download which is just an installer. When you run the installer, it then takes half a day or more to download 90GB or so which is the actual simulator. Unfortunately, it seems that they did this deliberately because when you run the installer it starts counting as "play time." After two hours, you're no longer eligible for a refund."

      I don't have the CPU or GPU horsepower to run it anyway.
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