Carenado SAAB 340

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  • Reams Goodloe
    Maybe they should get someone who knows how to fly the machine to do the review.... Some comments to me from a former Saab flyer:
    ....Most operators start with external power at the gate (and in such case you don't have to wait to start the second engine). You don't turn off the avionics for engine start... He never turned the essential aviation buss switch back on, which is why he got the master caution on takeoff... Looks like he left the condition levers in bet'mode.... Didn't use the altitude preselect panel for the auto pilot.. But, good looking graphics...


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  • Bill Bridges
    started a topic Carenado SAAB 340

    Carenado SAAB 340

    A Carenado SAAB 340 by Aus Flight Simmer. A nice review.