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    This video has some interesting things to say about CCleaner. The video does provide some alternatives.

    I found this interesting since I've been a long time user of CCleaner.
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    Thanks Bill. Long time CCleaner user but I’ve gotten over it. My IT guys had recommended Glary and that’s what I now use.


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      Just found this thread; thanks for the post.

      Avast has pretty much ruined CCleaner for me, and I've been meaning to look for alternatives. What do I mean by ruined? 1) When you close CCleaner, they rewrite cookies for Avast; 2) they create scheduled tasks to check for updates independently of your use of the program; 3) they send ads and notifications via the systray even for the paid version.

      After finding the scheduled tasks, which I manually delete after every upgrade, I no longer trust anything from Avast. And when I use CCleaner, I shut it down from the Task Manager so that it does not have the chance to rewrite its own cookies at close. IOW, this program used to be my friend but now I'm fighting it. -meh


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        Originally posted by Mark Horak View Post
        Avast has pretty much ruined CCleaner for me
        Well, hey, "Avast" means "Stop what you're doing", right...;-)