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  • Microsoft Edge problem

    I use Microsoft Edge as my browser. Normally when I'm looking at something, the titles of items I've previously opened appear across the top edge of the screen. Now, not only the title appears, but an approximately 1" x 2" miniature of the previous item appears just below each title. As a result, that leaves less room to present what I am currently looking at; more frequent scrolls are then necessary; the screen is cluttered with information I don't need.

    How do I get back so only the titles appear across the top of the screen?

    Thanks for the education.

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    I accidentally found the problem. While clicking on the + to bring up a new tab, I accidentally click edsomething to its right and the "tab previews" disappeared. There is now a down-arrow next to the + and when I put the cursor on it, it says "Show tab previews".

    Case solved. Sorry to clutter up the forum on a Saturday morning. Carry on!


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      Easy answer, stop using Edge.

      I cannot stand it. I much prefer Chrome or Firefox.


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        Not to start a browser war, but the tech news says that Microsoft is dropping it's rendering engine from Edge and going with Chromium - the underlying code used by Chrome. So, it seems even Microsoft is giving up on Edge. It's unclear what the new version will be called - if it will keep the Edge name or go with something new.

        ZDNet: Microsoft reportedly looking to ditch Edge for Chromium