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  • Fly-Over and Fly-by Waypoints

    To me the Fly-Over waypoint and a Fly-by waypoint are basically the same except during a turn. The fly-Over waypoint will take the aircraft past the waypoint then start the turn similar to the way the turn would be flown using VOR/DME/ADF to identify the waypoint. More than once in the ol' days I've had ATC tell me not to cut the corner while being sequenced.

    To me the Fly-by waypoint is where the corner is cut during the turn resulting in a shorter radius and smoother transition to the new course. This has come about because of the more sophisticated technology in the RNAV equipment.

    I'm really not sure what difference it makes as far as navigation and ATC are concerned?

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    Bill - The issue that often causes waypoints to be fly over is that, for faster moving aircraft, cutting the corner may take the aircraft outside of obstacle protected airspace under the TERPS rules. I've often seen MAPs on RNAV approaches as fly over as well, so missed approach turns are not made prior to that waypoint, again for obstacle protection